Your excellence matters!

Join Me As My Extra-Ordinary Administrative Assistant

  • This is mainly a virtual position however candidate needs to be local to the Twin Cities for occasional office work/events
  • Need to be able to travel for events up to 6 times per year
  • Very Part-Time to start: 2-6 hours per week, depending on your skill set, it may move to up to 20 hours per week in the next 6 months.
  • Contractor position @ $225/month for up to 15 hours per month

What I'm looking for:

Who You Are

An upbeat and energetic rockstar looking to join a fast paced business coaching industry leader. You’re focused on solutions and getting it done while enjoying the process.

You LOVE details, and you REALLY love to organize details and files in systems and trackers, consistently creating ways to improve the systems, or find better resources, to support you and the team in all things efficiency and organization.

More About You

Required Skills - You Have/Are/Can:

  • Strong Organizational and Project Management Skills
  • Exceptional communication and people skills - 5 Star client service.
  • Must LOVE being in the details (yep, super important).
  • Professionalism: Punctuality, follow-through, self-motivating and managing, organized, focused, completion oriented - excellence oriented
  • A positive, can-do, solutions-oriented, and authentic attitude - especially under pressure; stays upbeat, creative, and goal focused despite setbacks
  • Strong computer skills and comfort: Google Drive, Project Management Tools, Word, Excel, Wordpress, Email Newsletter Management Service
  • Strong time management skills - Be able to prioritize and execute tasks effectively.
  • Fast typing, spelling and grammar editing skills 50+ word per minute - Test your speed here
  • Social Media Fluency - You understand the best use for Facebook vs. Instagram and Appropriate commenting, sharing, etc.
  • Embraces and adapts to new technology platforms quickly
  • Willing to do whatever is needed, no job beneath you, always looking and suggesting other ways you'd be able to help out.
  • Previous administrative assistant experience, admin and project management
  • A desire to excel, grow, and advance in a whatever-it-takes environment.
  • Flexible schedule. Local to Saint Paul, MN (or at least in the Twin Cities with ability to come to office in St Paul).
  • Trustworthiness, loyalty, honesty, and integrity
  • Emotional Intelligence:
    - Read the non-verbal communication of groups, individuals, and their interactions and support the environments to be more harmonious and conducive to success.
    - Anticipate needs before they arise and seek to pre-meet them ;)

Required for this work

  • Computer with speakers, microphone, and video camera (for video conferencing over Zoom). Mac highly preferred.  If you can skype via computer you have everything you need.
  • Microsoft Office
  • Printer and scanner (scanner needed more often than printer)
  • Car, insurance, and driver's license. (Needed rarely to pick up items for packages, very occasional errands, getting to local events.)
  • Business with website, business card, and EIN. You're already doing similar work for other people.
  • Reliable, high-speed internet connection.

You Align With Our Core Values:

  • Living with Joy: Having fun in the human experience comes from listening to Mind, Body, and Spirit and building life and work that aligns and includes of all parts of self.
  • Simplicity: The simplest solution is the best one. Unnecessary complexity requires more time, energy, and money to maintain. 
  • Sustainability: We support choices and pacing that support self-care and optimal health: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We may hustle for short periods then we make time for recovery.
  • Authentic Communication: True freedom comes from intentionality and authentic expression, and artful listening.
  •  Always Be Growing: To have the things you've never had, you must do the things you've never done. 

Ideally You Have/Are/Can

  • Client relations/ customer service experience
  • Project management & Problem Solving Skills
  • Organized Computer skills - the ability to maintain folders and files in a logical order
  • Active interest in health, performance optimization, high-level coaching and personal development spaces
  • Professional writing skills
  • Event Production planning and management
  • Online research proclivity
  • Creating presentations (Keynote, PowerPoint, Adobe Suite)
  • Updating Websites on Wordpress
  • Minor editing of a video (create a clip of only a desired section of a longer recording)

What Being My Administrative Assistant Is Like:

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Scheduling:
    - Schedule and managing Work & Personal appointments
    - Manage and Track Client scheduling
    - Track birthdays and other important dates
    - Speaking Events - Coordinate with contact person. Track and execute all needed tasks.
  • Communications:
    - Weekly Call (15-30min) with me every Monday to discuss plan and objectives for the week.
    - Draft emails on my behalf.
    - Send clients recordings of their sessions.
    - Send email notes to schedule follow-ups and other meetings with prospects and potential referral partners.
    - Send packages and gifts to clients and partners.
    - Call to confirm attendees of events.
    - Following up with clients on recurring billing if their credit card is declined.
  • Events/Productions:
    - Check-in participants at events and handle back of the room sales for books and services.
    - Schedule and coordinate all live events to include, venue location and contracting, managing attendee enrollment and needs, print and delivery of all ancillary training materials.
    - Keep my schedule at events organized, and keep me on task, on time and focused.
    - At small events you may also be responsible for taking pictures or video.
    - Coordinate body workers and food for me during events.
    - Set-up and clean-up at events.
    - Book flights and reservations.
  • Organization:
    - Develop and maintain client, joint venture partner, and vendor records management system.
  • Research:
    - Identify events, conferences, and other professionals that serve high achieving women.
    - Identify solutions for solving tech challenges.
    - Identify outsourcing options for projects that require additional support.

You’ll Report To

The Founder - Joy Evanns

You’ll Work With: Key subcontractors, and sometimes manage outsourced contractors.

This Role Is NOT For You If:

  • You’ve never been an assistant before
  • You want to run your own coaching/consulting business
  • You’re a coach, consultant or visionary
  • You get overwhelmed easily
  • Details and organization are not ‘your thing’
  • You take criticism personally or harbor resentment from it
  • Repetitive tasks annoy you
  • If constant changing priorities or tasks frustrate you
  • You like planning and strategizing, but prefer someone else do the gritty work
  • You hate spreadsheets
  • You prefer to be hyper independent
  • You take off work based on moon cycles, crystal predictions or your cat’s mood
  • You don’t align with our mission or values
  • Spelling, grammar and numbers are not your strengths
  • You struggle to prioritize long lists of duties
  • You’re great at starting things, but don’t always follow through completely
  • You need lots of space and time to produce at your own pace
  • You are not ok with being set up as an independent contractor (meaning, you will be in charge of your taxes and healthcare coverage).

Who I am

I run a small online coaching business that helps high achieving women recover from feeling drained and burned out and make space for more joy, freedom, and money.  With progressive cultural and spiritual values, I honor all walks and beliefs in life. I work hard with love and laughter, having fun while serving at the deepest levels. 

Why Join Me

  • Work remotely... 80%+ of the time.
  • Performance based gifts to help you feel amazing (like massages!)
  • Learn a tremendous amount about business optimization and be stretched and supported to grow personally and professionally.
  • Apply your full talents and heart to a mission worthy of dedication.
  • Depending on the fit as the business grows, there could be opportunity to keep evolving in the current role, or replacing yourself in some of the roles and stepping into new ones.
  • Flexible schedule: As long as deadlines are met and you're available to me and clients during most weekdays you can work when you want!
  • Be a part of something that’s literally changing lives and creating dreams, every day.

Results My Clients are Getting:

Bigger $$$, more enjoyment, and better relationships...

“When I started working with Joy I was maxed out and struggling to keep up with my marketing while serving existing clients. I wanted to make more money but I didn't know how without adding more hours to the day.

By eliminating my subconscious blocks to doing things the easy way I've doubled the average size of my deals which means I make more money without any more work. My marketing has become fun and includes only things I enjoy which makes it easy to have energy for it even when I'm busy. I'm even doing things for myself guilt-free now like getting massages. And, the best part to my surprise and delight, I'm closer with my husband and teenage daughter than I ever have been.”

Elly Strombach

Surprise! I changed AND my husband did too...

"Before working with Joy the circumstances of my life seemed really good but inside I was sad. I was anxious. I definitely felt disempowered.

When I was done with the program I felt like my husband had turned into a different person. He had changed so much. But really it was me and how I was showing up. And I just learned so much about our dynamic and how to stay in my own power without disempowering him. It is the greatest.

And I am now able to easily and politely and without guilt say no to things in my life and business that I didn’t want to do, that I wasn’t going to be good at – without feeling like I was going to be hurting the other people’s feelings or letting them down.”

Carrie Roldan

Stress & anxiety 90% less from when I started...

“My stress and anxiety levels were through the roof before. Now they're 90% less of what they were when I started with Joy. Nothing in my external circumstances changed, I'm the one who changed on the inside. I'm finally putting my health and personal priorities first without feeling guilty.

I'm now energized about what's on my calendar - I no longer try to do too much which was making me exhausted. Instead, I go to bed feeling good about myself and the progress I've made each day. I've realized I can say yes to me and keep commitments to other people too. Thank you!”

Diane Hunt

Ready to Join Me & Contribute Your Excellence? 

Does this role not only fit what you’re great at, but also what you love doing?
If the answer is a massive YES, then I'd love to hear from you! Follow the instructions below to apply. Remember, getting the details right matters.

How to Apply: 

Create a video answering the questions below. A video is a MUST. You will be disqualified without a video submission.

What to Cover in Your Video: 

  • Why you’re interested in working with me
  • Why it seems like a good fit
  • What your dream work is
  • When you’re available to start
  • What was the last book you read/listened to and what did you learn
  • Any other info you’d like to share :)

Video must be a maximum of 3 minutes, no longer. Longer videos will not be viewed.

  • Send the LINK for your video, a LINK to your resume, and a short intro note.  (if Youtube, make sure it is set as “unlisted”) to (DO NOT attach a video or a resume – they will not be opened and attachments mean you will be disqualified. You must link to your content, not attach it.)
  • Fill in the Subject of your email as: ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT APPLICATION
  • Please Note: Due to volume of applicants, we may not acknowledge receipt of your application or reply quickly to your questions. If you are a candidate, we will contact you for an interview within 1 week of your email application receipt.
  • The sooner you get the application in, the sooner you will be considered.

The deadline to apply for this position is 6pm Central on Sunday, January 27, 2019. 

Maybe this isn't for you but someone special is coming to mind? I super appreciate you sharing the love! 

Send them this link and let them know you believe in their excellence!

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