2021 Online Speaking Tour

Double Your Business without the Burnout

Escape the 4 Subconscious TRAPS that Keep Womxn from a Business that's Good for Both their Body and their Bank Account

When You Invite Joy to Speak...

  • Your participants LEARN a 4-Principle System that helps them escape these subconscious traps while also creating more health, wealth, enjoyment, rest, and quality time with people they love.
  • Your members MOVE and ENGAGE during their zoom experience - just like we're in person. 
  • Your participants get INSPIRED by stories of womxn just like them who used these 4 Principles that led to better results with less effort, more fun, energy, and revenue. 

Joy on the Stage with Video Testimonials:

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What participants are saying about Joy's presentations:

Thought Provoking & Interactive...

“I was so pleased with the thought provoking, interactive presentation. We all took away something meaningful. Joy's clearly an expert and I would recommend Joy as a speaker without reservation."

Breeze Carlile

New Concepts That Are EASY to Understand & Apply...

"The life changing techniques Joy taught my group were both easy and effective. Joy has such a unique perspective yet breaks things down so that new concepts are easy to understand and apply. I highly recommend Joy as a speaker."

Sharon Vendle

Definitely Recommended. You're Going to Enjoy It...

“If you can see Joy talk I would definitely recommend it. You're going to enjoy it and you'll walk away with easy, simple ideas that you can use right now."

Nicole Isler

More About Joy:

A recovering perfectionist and award-winning author, Joy Evanns had 15-year career running a marketing company serving Fortune 50 companies prior to burning out. 

As a result, Joy shifted to a more holistic focus and made more money, eliminated resentment in relationships, and healed chronic asthma and back pain. 

Joy’s business coaching company now supports women in service-based businesses including coaches, healers, and creatives to Double their Business without the Burnout. 

Joy’s latest book, “Achieve MORE by Saying YES to LESS,” is available on Amazon.

Do your participants have Zoom fatigue?

Joy will have them engaged and literally on their feet
integrating business-building & burnout-busting strategies
they can start using from DAY 1

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