Escape Cell Phone Hell

Video 2: Whose Call to Take & When?

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What People are Saying About Joy's Work

Lynnette Coverly

I came back from a much needed vacation without my cell phone. To my surprise, my world AND my clients did not fall apart! Wow! I had previously committed to uninterrupted, technology-free date nights with my husband and they have been amazing. But a vacation without my cell phone with my support network keeping our clients happy while I was gone? I didn’t think it was possible. Thanks to Joy Evanns, I now I know it is. Awesome!

Lynnette Coverly Owner, Coverly Professional Services
Diane Hunt

My mom used to interrupt my work and commitments by calling me on the phone all the time. If I avoided her, I felt terribly guilty not taking her calls. After working with Joy, I now feel like I’m the one in control of the interactions with my mom instead of the other way around. Mom’s been high maintenance and needed a lot of attention my whole life. I never felt good about setting limits with her until now. She no longer blows up my phone. I finally even can enjoy her. That’s a complete turn around and such a relief.

Diane Hunt Former Vice President, Yahoo!
Nancy Juetten

Since embracing the “Say No Like a Pro” methods in my own life and business, I have opened up hours of ‘white space’ in my life to do more of what I love to do. It has been life-enhancing and contributed to my happiness and business profitability. So grateful for Joy Evanns’ lasting influence in the QUALITY of my life. Saying NO pays off in priceless ways.

Nancy Juetten Get Known to Get Paid Mentor
Dr. Kirsten Hill

Joy helped me create a quick and meaningful shift in my health, energy, business success and overall quality of life.  Fabulous! I  highly recommend her work.

Dr. Kirsten Hill Owner, Dance with Life Chiropractic

Julie Baumhofer

This deep and powerful work has shown to have a profound and lasting effect in my personal, romantic and professional lives.

Julie Baumhofer Owner, Bu Tong Acupuncture

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