Is Your Business Too Dependent on You?

We help Service Businesses to Run Themselves in 3 Years or Less

In 90-minutes we'll create a soul-aligned, holistic plan for how to free yourself from the day-to-day of your business so that you MAKE ROOM FOR THE LIFE YOU WANT while creating ever-increasing transferable business wealth in the process.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your daily TO-DO LIST IS A MILE LONG and it feels like no matter how long or hard you work, you never seem to get out from under the pressure...

  • RETIREMENT SEEMS LIKE A FANTASY even if other people around you are doing it.
  • YOU'D LOVE TO EARN MORE MONEY, but you're already TAPPED OUT and the idea of doing more is overwhelming...

  • Your SCHEDULE IS PACKED and you spend the day running from one thing to the next. Come evening, you fall into bed EXHAUSTED, but still can't shut off your mind. 

  • You're LEADING A GROWING TEAM, yet many days it seems like you work for them, not the other way around.  And everyday you do stuff you wish someone else would handle...

  • You're tired of WASTING TIME TRAINING TEAM MEMBERS WHO JUST LEAVE, putting you right back where you started again.

  • You have CURIOSITY ABOUT INTUITION, ASTROLOGY, ENERGY, OR LAW OF ATTRACTION and are open to including a holistic strategy that helps you get results more enjoyably.

  • You tell yourself that it's okay that you ANSWER CALLS & EMAILS ON VACATION even though it's really not.

  • You feel bad because too often you're GROUCHY & SHORT-TEMPERED with the people you love most in your life...

  • You'd love to cut back at work but you're AFRAID IF YOU STOP EVERYTHING WILL FALL APART...

  • It's frustrating that your LACK OF AVAILABLE TIME is limiting your company's potential...

The good news:
What you're experiencing is NOT YOUR FAULT...

Owner dependency is a NORMAL stage of business development that YOU CAN BREAKTHROUGH even if you haven't figured it out yet.

Here's what you need to know to make the shift...

KEY #1: 
What got you here will not get you there.
The strategies, personal identity, and way of leading that created the success level you have now are not going to move you from essentially having a job (even though you're the owner) to instead being an investor or advisor - someone who has time freedom and owns a business asset that runs itself. It requires an entirely different approach.

Two Businesswomen Working On Computer In Office

KEY #2:
Even YOUR Unique Expertise & Skills CAN be Transferred to Others Even if You Don't Know How YET
Almost every business owner has a unique skillset that they believe keeps them trapped in their business in an un-replaceable way. And while it's true that you are unique and un-replaceable, your skillset and expertise can be replaced.

Our Clients report that their employees commonly get better results than they did doing the same work once the right training, systems, and support in place. It takes real bravery to hire people who are better than you and if this is too risky for your ego or self-identity, you won't do it.

If you continue to tell yourself that...

"Nobody can do things as well as me"

"I can't afford the people we really need"

"Millennials & Gen Zers are unreliable"

Even if this has been your lived experience so far...'ll continue to limit your income potential, time freedom, quality of life, and transferable business wealth. 

In order to create the CASH and STRUCTURE needed to welcome in the TEAM YOUR BUSINESS REQUIRES to run itself.... takes a massive SHIFT IN THINKING, LEADERSHIP, STRATEGY, & OFTEN EVEN PERSONAL IDENTITY.

 Owner Dependency is the single biggest reason why only 20% of businesses that are put up for sale actually sell. And most of those sell below their asking price.

- Source: Exit Planning Institute

KEY #3:
Banish the "It's hard to find good people" Myth
Good, even great people are everywhere. Really.

Yes, it can be work to find them. 

Partly because these people are often deeply invested and engaged in what they're doing now. They care about the impact they're making. They're self-motivated, highly responsible, and invested in the quality of their contribution.

The bigger issue is that most businesses reliably bringing in great people who will stay.

They also suck at training team members in a way that adds value to the company quickly and disrupts current workflows as little as possible. 

When there is failure or a mistake made in hiring, the blame usually falls on not being able to find good people.

But really, the reason for this issue is something else...

Your leadership, vision, and values must enroll and inspire great people to want to work for you and stay with your company.

If you don't do this, your company to employees is no different than any other option, just a decent paycheck and benefits.

Because employees can get a paycheck anywhere, they job hop when a better offer rolls along. This is hugely frustrating for you and wastes tons of company resources and time in the process.

In reality, money is not the most important thing that keeps team members around.

Case and point: nonprofits are able to find staff. Some people will even be open to lower pay if they truly align with the vision of the leaders and impact their work supports. 

Now your company doesn't need to be about saving dolphins or homeless people in order to help people find bigger meaning and commitment in their work.

However, your vision and commitments do need to include a more compelling purpose besides just making money. Making money isn't enough anymore, maybe it never was.

And as far as people go, you only need a few gems in the right seats to help your business run entirely differently.

And it's time to own that to inspire them to join you and stick around, you and/or your company's management will need to show up differently and enroll them in your vision differently.

These are skills that can be learned and supported by other structures in your company.

KEY #4:
The Best Clients Don't Need A Relationship with You
Instead, they need reliable results, experiences, communication, and certainty. They're even willing to pay more for these. 

When you create structures, systems, and autonomy so that your team can provide those things without Clients talking to you, you'll be able to scale your company without you being the single point of limitation and potentially failure. 

"The true health & Saleable Market Value of a business is in part determined by how long the owner can be absent without things falling apart."

- Joy Evanns


You already know you'd like to exit your company and cash out one day and you've got a plan started for that (or not!) 
You want a lifestyle business you never need to retire from because your "work" becomes doing what you enjoy while other day-to-day operations are handled by others

Get started with your FREE Transferable Business Wealth Roadmap Session:

During our private online video call together, 
in 90 minutes we will...

  1. Identify the #1 thing that's keeping you stuck in the day-to-day operations of your company. 
  2. Create a vision for what your life and business look like when you have a business that's running itself with an ever-increasing valuation.
  3. Reveal both the known and hidden challenges that would continue to keep you from realizing this vision if left unaddressed.
  4. Chart the steps you'll take to make this new vision your reality.

Plus, we'll both find out if working together further is a match...

Your time is valuable, so we make sure you walk away with a roadmap you can begin implementing whether or not we do any further work together.

Feedback about the power of this session:
"Wow! My mindset shifted more in 30 minutes than it had in 3 years of being in business."

What leaders are saying 
about working with Joy:

Increased Revenue by 60% within months PLUS On-Track for 1st Work-Free Vacation in years...

"When we started working with Joy, we were tapped out. We wanted to grow our Marketing Agency but had no more capacity and were working far too much. We wanted more quality time with our son and much more freedom and flexibility. We're working towards being out of the day-to-day service fulfillment.

In less than 5 months of working with Joy, we've made incredible progress and are on track to have our first work-free vacation in years within the next few months. 

With Joy's guidance, we started by identifying areas we could streamline to free up time for higher-priority, revenue-generating tasks and working ON the business instead of IN it. Overhauling how we do email was a big place we found time.

Since then, we've increased our prices and also our revenue by 60%, adjusted our business model for greater profitability, streamlined our sales and marketing to bring in only the most profitable and easy clients, documented all our essential processes to make staffing and training easier, and now we're onboarding new team members so that we can focus on growth while having more of a life again. 

Joy has been a fantastic resource in guiding the next steps that are right for our unique business and when we've been making important decisions about things we've never done before. Adding Joy to our team as an advisor was a great decision.”

Noemi Beres

Gabor Kazai

Doubled income, more enjoyment, and better relationships...

“When I started working with Joy I was maxed out and struggling to keep up with my marketing while serving existing clients. I wanted to make more money but I didn't know how without adding more hours to the day.

By eliminating my subconscious blocks to doing things the easy way I've doubled the average size of my deals which means I make more money without any more work. My marketing has become fun and includes only things I enjoy which makes it easy to have energy for it even when I'm busy. I'm even doing things for myself guilt-free now like getting massages. And, the best part to my surprise and delight, I'm closer with my husband and teenage daughter than I ever have been.”

Elly Strombach

Stress & anxiety 90% less than when I started...

“My stress and anxiety levels were through the roof before. Now they're 90% less of what they were when I started with Joy. Nothing in my external circumstances changed, I'm the one who changed on the inside. I'm finally putting my health and personal priorities first.

I'm now energized about what's on my calendar - I no longer try to do too much which was making me exhausted. Instead, I go to bed feeling good about myself and the progress I've made each day. I've realized I can say yes to me and keep commitments to other people too. Thank you!”

Diane Hunt

More About Joy:

A recovering perfectionist and award-winning author, Joy Evanns had 15-year career leading a marketing company serving Fortune 100 companies prior to closing the doors when Joy burned out, missing a significant exit opportunity without right guidance to build a business as an asset. Joy never wants this to happen to anyone else and is now a Certified Exit-Planning Advisor, the creator of the proprietary Service Business That Runs Itself Framework™, and a Soul-Aligned Business Strategist. A world traveler who has been to over 40 countries and currently spends a lot of time in Europe, Joy's latest book, “Achieve MORE by Saying YES to LESS,” is available on Amazon.

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